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I have hunted quail all over the country, including Mexico, Texas and several of the upscale hunting lodges in South Georgia. Nobody does it any better than Tyler Wilson and Tumbling Creek. Great food, first-class lodging and outstanding hunting made this a great hunting experience. Tumbling Creek Lodge was opened officially to the public in the fall of 2005. We were previously known as Whispering Oaks and were a strictly private wing shooting and hunting destination for many corporations in the region. Specializing in bob white quail and eastern wild turkey hunts we honed our skills in land management and wildlife habitat.

Focusing strictly on the grounds we soon realized that the game populations would flourish once non native and invasive species were removed from their habitat. For over ten years prior to the opening of Tumbling Creek we experimented with many types of warm season grasses and native shrub species and with the help of Quail Unlimited and experts from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, we have found a recipe for success. The implementing of several sound land management and wildlife incentive programs along with early release systems and covey protection sites have had a positive effect on our bird populations, and because of those early initiatives we are enjoying wonderful wing shooting today.

Our main lodge and conference center along with our three private cabins and gourmet kitchen are located on our water front property fifty miles west of Nashville Tennessee. Nestled along a private 2 ½ mile stretch of crystal clear tumbling creek, we have created an area that is relaxing and a pleasure just to experience. This location has been the inspiration for many beautiful works by some very well known landscape and wildlife artists. We are fortunate and blessed to be located on the banks of one of a handful of freestone spring fed creeks in middle Tennessee. The clear cold creek boasts a wide variety of fresh water fish species; however we focus our efforts on the rainbow and occasional brown trout that call tumbling creek home.

Our four-star lodge is located in Bucksnort, Tennessee and is nestled along the banks of Tumbling Creek and Bold Springs. Guest can enjoy the breath-taking views from our back deck overlooking rolling hills and tumbling water while enjoying mouth-water appetizers. We specialize in an atmosphere where our guest can sit back, relax and enjoy all that the country and nature have to offer. The lodge has been designed with the needs of guest in mind, and is equipped with a full-service bar and grille along with a conference area and meeting room. Our open-air pit offers the perfect place to relax in crisp mountain air,reflectingon the exciting hunt or fishing day left behind, while anticipating the many adventures that lie ahead.

After a long day in the field in pursuit of old bobwhite, sit back and enjoy some of our fine southern cuisine from our state of the art commercial kitchen. Owner, Jan Strawn, MacK and Kates Cafe, www.mackandkatescafe.com, provides Chef's for bringing our guests some of the most mouthwatering delicacies in the south and are compelled to incorporate wild game in as many dishes as possible. All of our wild game is USDA certified and is not taken from the field to the plate to insure that all of our meats are safe and have been properly prepared.

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Things you can do at Tumbling Creek – what is quail hunting

Large crowded cities slowly take away your overall enthusiasm and passion. What you need at this point is a vacation at Tumbling Creek, where nature entertains you. The sound of waterfall delights your senses while the fresh air preserved by forests lets you hear your deepest thoughts. Addicted hunters enjoy quail hunting in a splendid habitat perfectly conserved in this place.

Explore outdoor activities at Tumbling Creek

To have a relaxing holiday, choose to spend it in this city within Tennessee represented by pure wilderness. Whether you travel with ravishing girls or with your family, the experience will still be highly recreational. Here you find yourself in the middle of the nature inside Cherokee National Forest, so enjoy outstanding landscapes where forests and waterfalls are the main characters. To have a full picture of this place, imagine the cheerful girls next to you hiking throughout Helmet Falls section near Tumbling Creek. The outstanding sight is everything you need to feel more alive than ever.

These astonishing views near Tumbling Creek campsites are even more impressive for someone who lives in large cities. So take a friend to this amazing place to feel the power of the nature untouched by technology. She will appreciate your idea of bringing you both closer to these wonders of the nature. Not only that you have a lot to see, but you also have a lot to explore in terms of adventures. Fly fishing is a common activity around this place that you and your girl should try. This adventurous woman likes to do new things so she will be thrilled to learn fish flying.

A stunning habitat for quail hunting

Although the views are wonderful, Tumbling Creek is not necessarily famous for them. Tourists are mainly attracted by quail hunting, a great experience for skillful hunters as well as for beginners. The lovely girls who accompany you will be amazed by this habitat, which is very well preserved despite the continuous technological development of our world. Visit this area somewhere between October and March, the period when you can prove your quail hunting skills to the beautiful girls next to you. Thereafter, surprise them with a delicious dinner made of game meat at local camping.

Tumbling Creek is a perfect place for quail hunting because you breathe fresh air and watch amazing landscapes. It is a sort of therapy that has immediate effects not only for your health but also for your mind and soul. Moreover, this place has a clear legislation that protects quails, so the hunting experience will have no negative impact for this breed. You and your friend will reconnect with the nature in just a few days spent in the middle of the wilderness.

At Tumbling Creek you will find deep relaxation and adventurous things to do in the same time. You like to have long walks through the forest or you love quail hunting, then this place is where you have to spend your vacation. Explore the wilderness and try new things that bring more adventure to your life.