Our anglers catch fish up to twenty six inches long, and many of those fish have been taken on dry flies. The fishing is strictly fly tackle, and can be very technical at times and though sight casting is very common many of the fish tend to be very selective and can be slow to eat. Good casting technique is very helpful due to close proximity of trees, rocks, and other obstructions. Many of your casts will be roll casts and accuracy can be critical, however beginners and inexperienced anglers catch their share of the lunkers in our large pools and open runs.

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The water in the stream runs cool and clear for the entire year, so fish in the creek hold over from year to year. The creek fishes nicely all year, however the best times run from late fall into early spring with nice fish being caught up into July. All fishing is done on foot, with waders being a must for cool weather; however wet wading can be done during May and June. All of our bass fishing is done on our private 23 acre lake which is stocked with bass, grass carp, and shell crackers all of which can be caught on varying types of fly patterns.


We have high success rates on our bass fishing, and we routinely boat four to six pounders. Our lodge and hunting properties are located in Humphreys County, Tennessee near the Tennessee River. We have over 1600 acres of prime hunting areas dedicated entirely to wildlife. Our land has been transformed through hard work and research into a habitat rich environment where quail and other wildlife thrive. We have reintroduced many species of native plants such as varying species of warm season grasses and bundle flower. We have also allowed our edges and fence rows to become thick with honeysuckle and briars, which are essential for quail and other small game.